100:1 to Angola: Artists’ Statment


By Jonah Barton

We based our movie poster off of the movie “3:10 to Yuma”. We chose this movie partially because of the title but also because the movies story fit what we wanted to show on our poster. We wanted a movie with some sort of numbering in the title, 3:10 to yuma was perfect because it has the 2 numbers separated by the “:”. This was important because we wanted to include 100:1 in our title because of reagan’s 100:1 crack versus cocaine sentencing. We then replaced “yuma” with “angola”. Angola is one of this country’s largest maximum security prisons in the world so we thought it was perfect “100:1 to Angola”.

We chose to replace Russell Crowes face with Ronald Reagans because even though Richard Nixon created the war on drugs Ronald Reagan elevated it and its damages to this country to a whole new level. Below Reagan is the hands of a young black male on the bars of a prison cell showing how big the gap is between number of black and white criminals for drug incarcerations. Its starring 2.4 million americans because of americas current prison population of 2.4 million. It also says starring the justice system because of the millions that they sentenced to prison. The credits also say directed by the Reagan administration and produced by the U.S. Nation. It was directed by the reagan administration because they passed the law and they are over crowding our prisons. It’s produced by the U.S. Nation because it is payed for by all the tax paying citizens of america.



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