Almost Home: The Blame of Skittles – Artists’ Statement

O Spikes 1-21-2015

By Ocean Spikes

Through this winter IDP project I was able to develop my craft, stretched and explore and express. I developed my craft by creating a movie poster which was much more difficult then i imagined it would be. I do not have the best photoshop skills and I also tend to work slow because I’m such a perfectionist. However this gave me the opportunity to stretch and explore and work with photoshop and learn something about screen printing. I was also able to express because the topic my group chose is very serious to me and many other people and this gave the me the chance to create something artistic and meaningful that supports all the lives lost from the stand your ground law.

My group and I agreed that we wanted Trayvon martin and Zimmerman to be characters in our movie poster because the Trayvon martin case was one of the first. Trayvon Martin was a well known innocent person who was killed in his own neighborhood by a man named George Zimmerman. We were torn between using the Other Guys or Sherlock Holmes The Game of Shadows. The Sherlock Holmes movie poster seemed very appealing because of many reasons: its at night, there are two guys, and one is holding a gun. We decided to change the title to Almost Home because Trayvon was on his way home when he was killed and Zimmerman thought the bag of skittles he was holding was a gun. We changed The Game of Shadows to The Blame of Skittles. In the credits we included a organization called ALEC that was mentioned in all three narratives and Wayne is the president of the NRA.

Overall This project challenged me and helped me grow as an artist and person. I made tons of mistakes on the poster but i don’t expect anything to be perfect on my first try. I am very happy with the final product because i think its visually very appealing and people laughed. Im glad that even though i wasn’t one of the people who were already experts at photoshop, i pushed myself to try something new and learn something new.

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