Dark Nights: Artists’ Statement


By Aidan Casey & Kenny Session

We chose to adapt the poster of “The Dark Knight”. Like this movie, the recent protests have at times seemed perilous and unpredictable. At the top are the names of African American men who have been killed by police officers, as these men and others like them are the reason for the protest and their lives are held high by protesters. We changed the Joker to a member of the national guard, as they represent the villain to protesters across America. His nametag says Wilson because many protesters see the national guard as defending Darren Wilson and rejecting the call to police reform. We chose the title “The Dark Nights” because they have indeed been dark from the perspective of both the protesters and police. Unlike the movie, the line between good and evil is blurry. Everyone has a different idea of what is right. However, we all want peace as a final result, which is why we have replaced the bat symbol with a peace symbol to represent the good. We decided to focus on the Bay Area so at the bottom it says “Directed by the Bay Area Police Department”, since they hold much of the power in creating the direction the protests go in. “Edited by Black Lives Matter and Blackout Coalition” refers to the fact that these are also two big organizations that have the power to steer people’s opinions and the direction of the protests. “A story brought to you by a demand to reform” refers to the motive behind the protests: police reform. Chief Magnus is the Richmond Police Chief who has been an active member of the protests. “cinematography by Copwatch” refers to their mission of documenting police officers.

This poster is a true product of “engage and persist”. This is the first time I’d ever been asked to do photoshop, which made the task extremely difficult and even confusing at times. Choosing to play off of The Dark Knight’s movie poster came after trying a few others and falling short of what we hoped to convey in the poster. What you see is the same turmoil and destruction that we love about Batman movie’s expressed in a topic that brings a lot if mixed feelings and controversy in the real world, Police reform. The officer in the poster represents Darren Wilson, who is the “poster boy” (right now at least) for why we need police reform. The names attop are the names of men who have been killed by police officers. The names on the bottom are corporations that are involved in the discussion of police reform around the bay area, whether that be the police themselves, or activist groups trying to hold them accountable. I am extremely proud of this poster, and grateful for the group I was fortunate enough to receive in this project.



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