Eight Bladed Freaks: Artists’ Statement

Movie poster 2.7


By Cameron McCrea

For our topic, drones, finding a poster suitable for our project wasn’t much of an issue. We wanted a poster reflecting some of the hysteria and pandemonium the issue of drones has caused among the public. I almost immediatly thought of the film Eight Legged Freaks a campy horror movie I saw when I was a kid about giant spiders. We made the comparison between the spiders and drones as well as saw the people running away from them and thought we should go with that.

Of course our final product is a dramatization of what is actually going on with the industry, but we thought it to be appropriate especially with the substantial increase in drone population in the last couple of years. The actual aesthetic of some of these drones are foreign and frightening, thats why we thought they would make a good replacement for giant spiders.

The crazy looking man screaming in the front in Nick Woodman, the CEO of GoPro. He is an active personality in recent drone wars and is often referred to as “the mad billionaire”. He has stated that the government should put some regulation on drones but is ultimately supportive of the drone movement for personal industry gain.  He plans on one day combining drones and gopros.

The text  on the bottom left reads, “AMAZON presents”, Amazon being one of the major companies pushing for drone use. They plan to launch Amazon Prime Air, a completely drone based delivery service that promises delivery in 30 minutes.  Below that the text reads. “in association with FAA”. The FAA or Federal Aviation Administration is responsible for safety and regulation of civil aviation. Then it states “executive producer Jeff Bezos” who in fact is the CEO of Amazon. Finally it mentions VDOS Global one of the few companies granted access by the government for drone operations.  At the very bottom the date July 2015 is significant because thats the year  the FAA has announced that they will integrate drones into U.S skies.




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