Execution, Inc.: Artists’ Statement

Poster Poster

By Julia Marlin & Brian Moreno

Our poster Execution, Inc. is a play on the movie Food, Inc. Food, Inc. is about the mass mistreatment of animals who are slaughtered for meat in America so our poster parallels slaughterhouses killing animals, with prisons killing prisoners. The bar codes stamped onto the prisoners show that death row prisoners are dehumanized, and treated like nothing more than animals with an expiration date. The slogan of Food, Inc. is “You’ll never look at dinner the same way again,” which we changed to “you’ll never look at fried food the same way again,” subtly alluding to death by the electric chair. At the top of the original Food, Inc. poster is an excerpt from a movie review reading, “more than a terrific movie– it’s an important movie.” Our poster reads, “More than an effective method, a necessary method,” which is the belief of many death row supporters.

The credits read, “In association with Capitalism Media and Botched Productions,” because death penalty supporters and advocated operate under the Capitalistic belief that the government has the right to kill their own citizens, the botched productions is alluding to the many botched executions especially recently. “A slaughterhouse production,” is pretty self explanatory, “starring Charles Warner, Joseph Wood, Stephen McCoy,” who are all executed prisoners. “Music by the Electric Chairs,” sounds like a band name but could also be talking about the sound of an electric chair executing someone. “Costume design by the executioner,” refers to the person who puts a bag over the prisoner’s head before he is excited. “Produced by Rick Perry,” the governor of Texas who is an advocate for the death penalty,  and “In association with Salem Witch Trials Inc.” refers to the many executions of people accused to be witches in the 1690s. “Truth edited by Fox News,” is referring to the conservative republican news channel that is consistently accused of manipulating or omitting data in their favor.

Our poster was originally the movie “Food, Inc.” We changed it too “Execution, Inc.” This puts out a message that the movie is about the death penalty. On the original movie poster their was a cow with a bar code on its side and a farm in the middle right corner. To make it fit our death penalty project we changed the farm to a prison, and the cow with a bar code to prisoners with bar codes on their clothing walking back to the prison chained up.

We did this to show how like farmers treating their animals badly and slaughtering them, the government and prison system treat the inmates badly and slaughter them just like animals. We also changed the slogan from “You’ll never look at dinner the same way again” too our version of it which is “You’ll never look at fried food the same way again” this is referring to the death penalties famous execution method the electric chair.

In the credits we put three actors, these three people were recently executed on death row. The producer of the movie is Rick Perry who is the governor of Texas and a supporter of the death penalty. Also produced in association with Salem Witch Trials Inc. We put this to compare the death penalty to the time where people burned other people because they believed the other was a witch. At the end of our movie credits we put truth edited by Fox News because they are a right winged news source that changes the facts.


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