Stem Wars: Artists’ Statment


By Ryo Miller

My poster is a rendition of Star Wars Episode 2 Attack of the Clones. The new title given is Stem Wars Bush 2 Attack on the Embryos.  This title is related to George Bush’s policy against federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.

Every piece of text or face on the original Star Wars poster has been replaced. The faces on the poster are president Obama, president, Bush, Michael J. Fox, The Pope, Claire Mccaskill, and Shinya Yamanaka. All of these people are relevant in the stem cell debate. Michael J. Fox has his own foundation that is invested in developing stem cell research.  Obama, Bush, and Claire represent the back and forth in politics regarding stem cell research. The Pope because of the religious argument against embryonic stem cell research. Shinya Yamanak, who received a Nobel prize for developing iPs cells, represents the science community of stem cell research. The text at the bottom includes the names of all the people in the poster. Also the dickey wicker amendment which is federal policy against funding embryonic stem cell research. The smaller text is just an incorporation of all of the group members names. At the very bottom you find three symbols or logos. “CIRM” because of California institute of regenerative medicine. Jesus on the cross to represent the Christian community. And the senate building to show government.



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