Wedding Crashers: Artists’ Statment


By Ella Moniz

When brainstorming for a movie poster to use for our project, the first thing that popped into our heads was the movie, “Wedding Crashers.” It was perfect for our topic that analyzed the different narratives around the legalization of same-sex marriage. At first we agreed on putting two political figures that opposed gay marriage, but later on we decided to put two pro-gay marriage celebrities to enforce the title “Wedding Crashers.” The celebrities are Portia De Rossi and Ellen Degeneres, two high status lesbian movie stars. Our concept was to show a known gay couple “crashing” weddings as an institution. Because of the growing amount of states now legalizing same-sex marriage, the idea of the historical and generic idea of marriage being crashed was well suited.
Working with Photoshop was definitely a struggle, especially because our change of heart halfway through with the couples identity. However, we managed to get it all together by the end, and have our envisioned idea come to life. In the background we decided to throw in a tie-dye rainbow splash instead of the original bland white. The new rainbow backdrop is in itself, another way to symbolize the change happening around marriage. For the text at the bottom we decided to go with a made up “Rainbow Flag Film Productions” because the rainbow flag is the gay flag and it makes sense that a film company would produce this type of film. As other organizations at the bottom, we used the Human Rights Campaign and the Freedom to Marry Organization because those are both groups that advocate for LGBT rights. Then for the opening date of the film, we agreed on putting “Coming in the Near Future.” We chose this because it conveyed that the crashing of weddings has only just begun.


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