What is there to hide?

By DeShawn Williams


There are people who think that the government uses the thought of aliens to bring fear into the public so they won’t think rationally. People make wrong decisions if they don’t understand something as shown in the movie “Ender’s Game”,  when they committed a genocide to the aliens because they didn’t understand them.

The logic behind  is that people’s emotions get over their logical thinking If they don’t understand something,because we are still a race with an instinct very present.

People  were lead to believe that aliens were and are harmful and not good. This was a thought created by the government and was being dogmatic to lead us to the thought  that aliens are bad so we should have no type of relationship with them.

Boyd Bushman is a deceased aerospace engineer which means he researched and designed  spacecrafts, he also supposedly had top-secret clearance and claimed to his colleagues that aliens are real. In his last few weeks of life he recorded himself explaining that he’s seen aliens before, he held a picture which he believed was the alien but it was just a common toyed that you could buy at Kmart. There is no further information on him because all the information that he has found in released have been raised and you no longer has a Wikipedia page. And that leads to the question of if he actually have seen an alien and the government didn’t want anyone to know the truth, or if it was just a coincidence.

To conclude, the government is trying to hide something from the public about extraterrestrial life also if we have ever encountered them before.


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