Stem Cell Research: Just another word for Abortion

by Matthew Wiemels

The topic is about how it is a bad idea to use stem cell research. There are various appeals including appeals to emotion like “God is the creator of life” and logic like “embryonic stem cell research has had negative results on humans”. Many people including scientists like and religious people including churches, priests and the Pope are opposed to stem cell research.

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An article that I read entitled “Ten problems with embryonic stem cell research” that I found from a christian organization founded to promote creationism (Institute for Creation Research) and there are many organizations like this that are against embryonic stem cell research. This article had emotional arguments like “embryonic stem cell research puts us on the road to growing humans for body parts” and logical ones like “one minor complication is that use of human embryonic stem cells requires lifelong use of drugs to prevent rejection of the tissue”.

Another article that I read is “Disadvantages of Embryonic Stem Cell Research” from a website about natural health and wellness. This article is mostly logical arguments like “in animal models, the success rate has been dismally low.” and “adult stem cells (including placental and umbilical cord stem cells) offer the most promising means of treatment.”

The people who against stem cell research include many religious and conservative organizations, many scientists, and politicians. The conservative religious people against stem cell research believe that it is bad because it comes from aborted embryos. The scientific people against it are because it is not proven to work and there are better alternatives. There is some overlap as they will at many points use the others arguments. These groups are powerful especially inside the conservative wing of the Republican Party. People who are traditional conservatives agree with and so do politicians who also live in those same areas. Former President George Bush and Mitt Romney are against embryonic stem cell research.
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There has not been much talk about it recently as it was not a major issue in the 2012 or 2014 elections. It may an even more intense debate as it moves into the future as science advances and the possibilities of it come to fruition. Many countries, states, and counties have started to mandate labeling of or ban genetically modified crops which is related because it is also a debate about ethics and morality in science. Stem cell research is unlikely to ever stop, especially after all of the money that has been thrown into it already.


3 thoughts on “Stem Cell Research: Just another word for Abortion

  1. The fact that their research is coming from an embryo sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie. Really interesting, I wonder where this will go and if much of the public will share pro life concerns when it finally gets far enough.


  2. lots of cures have to be worked on for a while before they get results a hundred percent of the time, but if there is not funding stem cell research wont be able to improve. As for aboritions I really think that argument is insane since people would be consenting to give their babies away and they would discareded otherwise. Might as well be put to good use.


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