The Problem With Private Prisons

The Problem With Private Prisons

By: Bethany Williams

Do you know what Private Prisons are? There are so many people who do not know that Private Prisons even exist. A Private Prison by definition is a for-profit prison where people are physically confined or interned by a third party that is contacted by a government agency.

Private prisons are a problem because they don’t have to comply with the Freedom of Information Act, freedom of information law that allows for the full or partial disclosure of previously unreleased information and documents controlled by the United States government. The personal investors are at liberty to set their own policies which often don’t include support programs that help the prisoners rehabilitate so they can become members of the population. They do not have to report their plans or procedures to the general public, government as well as the control of the population of acceptance. The percentage of young people of color in these facilities are higher than those of other races, which this is how society shows them ways these big companies are meeting their quota.  The quota is the number that they have to reach to meet the maximum amount of people in the facility.



Here are some examples of case study of the narrative. In 2010, the state and federal government housed 128,195 inmates. In 2013 the number of inmates decreased to 41,241 because 19 percent of the offenders were admitted to private correctional facilities. More examples are that Black disadvantage men on average are given 20 percent longer sentences than white men or men of affluence. The population of private prisons contains mostly older Caucasian men of ages 55 and up while men of African American and Mexican descent begin at age 18.


Corrections Corporations of America and GEO Group Incorporated own 132 facilities throughout the United States and make 3.3 million dollars annually. With that statement, additionally, stockholders collect 2 million dollars from local and state taxpayers on top of the 584 million from federal taxpayers. To continue, colored people make up sixty-nine percent of the population in Texas’ private prisons. In contrast, California’s numbers exceed to eighty-nine percent. According to this website dealing with civil liberties , it is reported that crime is decreasing, how is it that incarceration is increasing? Crime has decreased because more lawbreakers are put in jail; that leaves fewer offenders on the street to commit crimes. The opposite side says that incarceration is on the rise due to the “War on Drugs” that was initiated in 1971 under President Nixon Administration. An organization called “Justice Not Jails” specific purpose is designed to keep people out of prisons.


Quotas are designed to put a specific amount of people and a specific demographic in prisons. Quotas are unacceptable because they keep people locked up. The top four states with the greatest number of private prisons are Tennessee, Mississippi, Florida, and Oklahoma and in 2013, 133,000 state and federal prisoners were housed in private locations. The top five states containing highest private prison population are Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Mississippi.


The ratio of prisoner to guard in a public location is 1/5.6 and in a private location it’s ⅛. This information shows what is going on in other states, so that is why it’s important.

Keeping people out of prison is a great thing because that means agencies are helping people to get into programs that assist people to adjust back into society. When the private prisons want to meet their quota means that they are only thinking about themselves because their main priority is to make money. Quotas are not good for private prisons because for every person that enters the prison is making more money and being greedy.

The ACLU National Prison Project works to ensure that conditions of confinement are constitutional and consistent with health, safety, and human dignity. Our goals include substantially reducing the existing incarcerated population, especially among people of color, the mentally ill, and other vulnerable populations; ending cruel, inhuman, and degrading conditions of confinement; increasing public accountability and transparency of jails, prisons, and other places of detention; and expanding prisoners’ freedom of religion, expression, and association. The founders of the ACLU believe that the incarceration rates is what keeping the liberty of the peoples number down. Also, they believe that is affecting people of color because it contains their safety. The ACLU is interested in helping out the poor communities and giving them advantages to better themselves. They truly care about the well-being of people. This organization is looking to be the best help of assistance they can be for people of color.

The ACLU targets people who have incarcerated and family members so they can help them integrate into society. They use their power in a positive way opposed not abuse their power because with a faith based background the two men use that to get the attention of their community and use effective messaging to reach the peoples mind. They are very genuine in their assistance towards one another. They are not evil people or portray that image in any way whatsoever. They are responsible for the black community.

Tom Beasley, Dr. Robert Crants are the founders of Corrections Corporations of America and they do not care about what happens to the prisoners once they enter. They are just looking to meet their quota. They have faith based programs that include 40 different options for inmates to participate in. Including many Christian denominations, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and Native American Tribal Religions. These men believe in God and Allah, this makes them different from Justice Not Jails because they are not connected to any particular church. They became involved because they are money hungry so that makes them shady and corrupt because they are only out for themselves.

The chairman of Corrections Corporations of America is John D. Ferguson and he is a republican. The president and CEO is Damon T. Hininger and he is also a republican.

0214_damon-hininger_485x340(This guy)

The chairman is pro private prison so that he can still make his 1.7 million dollars a year. The president and CEO is pro private prison as well, so that he is able to continue his earnings of 3.2 million a year. Their goal is to clearly make as much money as possible. These investors who own these facilities are greedy white males who are interested in keeping black men down. They want to infringe the greatest punishment possible and few opportunities for advancement. Incarcerating men of color mean less representation in the classroom and the boardroom. Eventually, our neighborhoods will mirror a less diverse community.

These four men are very powerful because they are rich and they are keeping their business up and running. They have the state and federal contracts on their side to keep themselves in good shape. They are responsible for making sure that law enforcement continues to get more people in prison and to make sure that their contact stay current so there is no mess in between the two. They target taxpayers to help with the construction of the building facilities.

To conclude, Corrections Corporations of America will continue to grow and gain more money because illegal immigrants will keep them in business since when they cross the border and arrive without having proper paperwork they are considered to be breaking the law. Also state and federal governments will continue to keep in contact with them so then the government will send inmates and that will still keep them going. And that makes the founders, president and CEO, and the chairman happy. This organization is standing very well because Ferguson and Hininger have more than a ton of amounts of money.

Finally, the American Civil Liberties Union has never been reported for not helping out their community that they responsible for. People and families who get connected with them end up being better off than they were before because they get jobs and get partnered with the organization. Knowing this means that these men keep their word. I believe if they continue to help the way that they have been then this group will stay in good hands.



3 thoughts on “The Problem With Private Prisons

  1. The idea of private prisons is so scary and messed up, people personally profiting by becoming a part of the systemic oppression of others is horrifying, the notion that you will be “kept in business” and making millions by locking people away just seems so evil.


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