Undocumented Child Immigration: works cited


This explores the story of two sisters.  I used this as one of my case studies, it was helpful because it gave a clear story that exemplified what it is like coming to the United States illegally and trying to become a citizen after that.


This article talked about Governor Brown and his proposition to give millions to organizations that have pro-bono attorneys so that more undocumented, unaccompanied children can stay in the Unite States.


This also talked about the bill that Governor Brown is hoping to pass.  It gives more details about the bill and less about how child immigration is affecting San Francisco.


This website talks about KIND and the work they do.  I used this to give information about KIND and how they are helping immigrant children.


I used the article about Meredith Stewart to give a generalization on what the pro-bono attorneys working for KIND are like.


I used information from this to create statistics.  I also used their graphs.


2 thoughts on “Undocumented Child Immigration: works cited

  1. Its crazy how they come to better themselves and family but get antagonized by people who claim to be taking their job that they woukd never do


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