Aliens Trick or Treat? Are they out there?


Our topic is about aliens not immigrant aliens but Extraterrestrial aliens and the view points of if they exist or not. We will be explaining the view points of if and how they exist.

The points we will be exploring is the scientific potential, the way people manipulate the general population, and the true believers.



14 thoughts on “Aliens Trick or Treat? Are they out there?

  1. I beleive they do exist, just feel as if people see them as being green wiird creatufes when its proven they cant be something so small


  2. I currently don’t believe in aliens, I want there to be a little more evidence or proof before I can say they exist. But the part about another living things, even though it wasn’t able to walk around makes me think there must be something else out there somewhere.


  3. I honestly don’t believe in aliens but it was really interesting to hear why people think they exist. I also agree with mia, thats really sad .


  4. The universe is infinitely large and expanding in all directions. Also, water has been found on other planets, as well as a planet in a galaxy 1,000 light years away resembles earth, a planet capable of sustaining life. Life in other parts of the universe does not only include creatures. Life is any organism that, well, lives. Trees are alive, plants, little bacteria. It’s insane to say that we’re the only life in the universe, and kind of sad. Like this is all this enormous universe has to offer? One planet filled with life? There’s definitely aliens out there, no doubt. Maybe they just don’t want to talk to us, or don’t have the technology to do so (like us).


  5. I’m pretty sure there’s a planet out there in the universe with AHA seniors doing an IDP project on “Aliens, are they out there?”


  6. I found your presentation really interesting, I liked the different views on aliens and the people you found to talk about. Good job.


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