Meow Should Animals be Preserved?



Artists’ Statement

By Mariah Foreman, Sam Gouldthorpe, Brittnee McHenry, and Sophie Squire

The issues on animal welfare and how we should preserve animals has long been very prevalent topic in society. A species natural rights are based on how they would live in their natural and un-altered habitat, with freedom and little affiliation with humans. There are many ways that international governments proclaim they preserve animals including placing them in national parks, zoos and other means of entertainment, passing laws, sanctuaries, and many more. However, there are many controversial opinions on this topic.

There are many organizations and campaigns (such as PETA) who are fully against the idea of holding animals captive for entertainment purposes because it denies animals of their natural rights and instead believe that Governments should begin working to restore natural habitats. On the other hand, some organizations believe that zoos and other entertainment purposes are beneficial to the preservation and welfare of animals. These organizations (such as the Association of Zoos and Aquariums) consider zoos and aquariums to be crucial in the preservation and restoration of species because zoos and aquariums provide veterinary care and a place for species to survive.

Other people and organizations who oppose animals being used for entertainment purposes believe that a beneficial alternative are allowing animals to live freely in national parks. These organizations (such as the U.S. National Park Service) believe that national parks are advantageous by protecting species natural rights and freedoms.

Outside of entertainment purposes, the Endangered Species Act, passed by Richard Nixon in 1973 was made in order to protect and restore endangered species and their habitats. However, Americans have many different viewpoints of this act. Of which, this act is opposed by many large energy companies (such as Chevron) because they perceive this act to be invasive of their rights as big companies to grow in environments affected by the ESA.

The narratives that will be included in our topic will be the opposition to zoos, opposition to the Endangered Species Act, and in favor of the use of national parks. Our narratives will display and analyze the varying views, actions, and data on how animals should be preserved.


Opposition to the Endangered Species Act Narrative By Sam G 

Zoos are Detrimental to the Preservation of Animals By Sophie S

National Parks are Beneficial to the Preservation of Animals By Mariah Foreman


Annotated Works Cited




23 thoughts on “Meow Should Animals be Preserved?

  1. i feel as if some should be free and in the open but others preserved for people to observe or interact which such amazing creatures


  2. I think you guys did an awesome job on the poster and your explain was very thought through. I also thought all the laws about people having to move out of the land if animal move is was super interesting. It makes perfect sense that, that would cause the species to become more endangered or even extinct.


  3. Clearly keeping wild animals in zoos makes them go insane. It’s like when prisoners are kept in solitary confinement for extended periods of time.


  4. Animals should not be disturbed from the natural habitats it could bring imbalance to the earth because animals are important for the earths natural life cycle and with out them we dont exist


  5. I personally support wildlife preserves more than zoos. In some cases and in certain places, zoos are helpful to the creatures in them, and provide the creatures with a habitat that they need (if the original habitat was destroyed). However if the possibility to be in their natural habitat is available, that should always be chosen, and protected.


  6. its so cool how many different stories your narratives were able to tell on such a complex situation!! would of loved to get some of your feedback and any ideas you might have to help with this concern


  7. I agree with you all message when you all said that the animals should’t be looked up in animal preservations such as zoo’s. But what would be an alternative to be able to see these unique animals?


  8. I like the idea of zoos but the way the majority of zoos treat their animals is horrible. Whenever I went to zoos as a little kid I always wished there was more space for the animals.


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