The Skies Have Eyes

Movie poster 2.7

Artists’ Statement

One of the fastest advancing technologies on the market, drones, are quickly making a name for themselves as well as separating away from the military and getting into domestic use.  A drone by definition is an unmanned aircraft invented to go where humans cannot. One of the first recorded uses of drones was by Austrians in 1849 who flew pilotless hot air balloons with bombs attached over the city of Venice. Since then these instruments have evolved into specialized planes or aircraft vehicles used for military strikes or surveillance. They have had significant roles in many wars, most importantly over the Middle East.

Recently the purpose and focus of drones have taken a different turn. With a rise in technology and interest, many companies have harnessed the power of drones for personal and commercial use. While some are participating in this movement for fun, others have joined this industry looking to turn a profit. Amazon has announced that in the near future they will be launching, “Amazon Prime Air” a completely drone based delivery service that promises delivery in 30 minutes. With all these new eyes in the sky come many issues involving privacy and air traffic regulation.

Our narratives will focus on the different roles drones are playing in our society. Specifically the potential commercial use of drones versus the FAA concerns and the public perception of them. Another narrative will focus on the domestic use of drones and the battle to regulate them. As well as it being a possible infringement in our fourth Amendment rights.

Safety vs. Freedom

Watch out! Drones are coming!


25 thoughts on “The Skies Have Eyes

  1. The main guy on the poster, is that a real photo of him? It’s so awesome. The poster turned out great. Have you guys seen the south park episode on drones? It’s really great


  2. Having drones flying around would make me 10X more paranoid than I already am. I dont want there to be a camera flying around, while im trying to take out the trash looking a hot mess. Having random people all up in my buisness.


  3. I would probably use a drone for those days I dont feel like leaving the house. Like, if I was really tired but wanted some tacos from tacos los primos taco truck in Richmond, Id just send my little drone off to get them for me.


  4. Honestly, I don’t really like the idea of drones, but using them for commercial use is a very interesting and cool idea. The spying aspect, no so much.


  5. I really like the poster, there’s a lot going on and grabs your attention. I thought this was a very interesting topic, I’m not sure where I stand it because there are so many good points to all narratives. I want to follow this and see where it goes in the future.


  6. I think that drones should be used but that guy does have a good point, it might be unsafe for people and I think drones could be used for more useful things other than Amazon 30 minute delivery.


  7. Drones would be a good investment for Amazon but there are so many issue that could occur like privacy and drones getting lost or shot down


  8. So much of our privacy is just not private already, I don’t see how drones would make it any better or worse. I’m in the gray area on this


  9. i didn’t actually think you’d edited the face on the bottom right, so when you said it was edited i was really impressed. how hard was it to find such a high quality pic of the guy’s face screaming like that


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