A Better Life Beyond The Border?

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Since the beginning of time, immigration has played an important role in American history and the United States continues to be a top destination for migration. Immigrants have shaped United States history to be what it is today. However, throughout time immigration laws have become stricter and American Citizenships are much harder to attain. The growing strictness of immigration laws has caused many to migrate to the country illegally and face hardships when finally beyond the border.

In our presentation, we explore two different narratives on Illegal Immigration; the refugee children’s crisis, and the separation of families by deportation.


Undocumented Child Immigration by Isabella deVito-Brown

The Effects of Illegal Immigration on Families by Max Condor 


17 thoughts on “A Better Life Beyond The Border?

  1. I totally agree with Mia and Regina I think the poster looks amazing and actually its my favorite it has so much details, the more I see it the more I like it. Great job Izzy!


  2. Immigrants created modern day “America,” and do the jobs that no one wants to do. The narratives were very articulate, and the poster is really thorough and great!


  3. I think people who cross the border as illegal in order to have a better life, should have the opportunity to stay here somehow, and not be deported to their countries. By the way the poster looks great!!! 🙂


  4. i feel like your poster was really well edited and was so changed from the original but still recognizable. your narratives focused so heavily on pathos though so i kind of felt like there were more places you could have gone but overall it’s pretty good regardless


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