NSA: Needs Some Adjustments

P.Rodriguez_The social network

Artists’ Statement

By: Elijah Wilks, Sahar Sani, Chrear Cyrus, Pamela Rodriguez-Ortiz

The National Security Agency (NSA) spying is an ongoing, very controversial topic. In the early 2000’s the NSA decided to use a “collect it all” method in terms of finding persons and information of interest on national security threats. The “collect it all” method comes from the idea that it would be much more efficient and easier to collect all the data and sort through it looking for what you want rather than looking for a needle in a hay stack. The NSA collects personal data of every American citizen including phone records, 1.9 trillion a year. In some cases, the spying isn’t legal. In fact, even some of the government employes have turned their back on these events and whistle blew. Whistle blowing is when a person exposes misconduct, alleged dishonest or illegal activities occurring in an organization, typically this information is legally classified.

Many people feel their privacy is being invaded and it’s not okay. The NSA feels if you’re not doing anything wrong you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. It becomes an interesting topic because data shows this hasn’t prevented terrorism, and the NSA has used this information in ways they’re not legally supposed to.

There are different narratives on NSA spying. They vary from NSA spying is morally, whistle blowing is right, and whistle blowing is wrong.

Privacy Not Included: The Public’s Fight To Gain Back Privacy.

The Morality of Whistleblowing: Patriot Vs. Traitor.

What Would Uncle Sam Do?: Government Privacy Matters.

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22 thoughts on “NSA: Needs Some Adjustments

  1. This is a really great poster, its a good idea also having the NSA in the background because in a way that still pertains to social media and like the highest authority on your subject. So good job


  2. Really well done poster! Every single detail is great. I wish I mine has came out this well. I think you chose a really good original movie.


  3. I feel as though the government spying on me wouldnt effect me. Half of my post or conversations are about food, church, inside jokes and complaining about how tired I am. Half of my pictures are either of me smiling or making the most hideous faces known to man.


  4. its crazy to think about how storage space can be so vast that its economically viable to store billions and trillions of bytes of data that most have nothing of importance to the government


  5. i know a lot of people who are super paranoid about nsa spying and things like that so learning about it was interesting. i feel like the response the class had was interesting to see too; some people were really bothered but others were fine with it


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