The Right Time to Reform: Police Reform in the Bay Area


Artists’ Statement

The conflict between police and civilian has played a huge part in the formation of American culture. The recent clashes of force driven by what some claim to be racist motives on the part of police officers have caused many to cry their demands for police reform all the louder. The Bay Area especially has been a hot bed of opinions and political activism regarding this issue. Protesters are desperate for change and the question at the for front of everyone’s mind is, how can our police system be reformed or whether it really needs reform?

Some believe the best way to achieve a stable relationship between officer and civilian is to take the responsibility of monitoring officers into their own hands. Some believe protesting and rioting are the best ways to achieve police reform through demonstration of their feelings of appallment towards institutionalized racist. Others believe bringing the issues to the “whitest” areas of society will have the most effect. One thing these perspectives all have in common is that they are fighting against the idea that police are not racist or unprofessional, a belief many Americans, especially outside the Bay Area, hold.

-A Watchful Eye on Watchdogs

-A Racial Revolt

-Blue Uniforms Matter Too

-A Different Kind of Protest

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29 thoughts on “The Right Time to Reform: Police Reform in the Bay Area

  1. I’m interested in knowing if the Black Brunch is something that appears in various parts of the world as well where there are similar problems because it seems like a very powerful form of pretest.


  2. Everyone has a totally different idea on how to reform police. I think you guys did well covering the topic. And the poster is pretty dope too.


  3. I love the concept of your poster, it is super cohesive and really gets the point across without having to explain every aspect of it, great job!


  4. I agree with Mia, I feel like police officers and other enforcers of the law should be trained to injure, not to kill. They would be able to get the persons full story then, instead of killing them and never knowing their side.


  5. the interviewing aspect of your project made it stand out to me a lot. your narratives seemed really well researched and at first i was dubious about the small scope (ie just the bay area) but it ended up working in your favor. your poster is also really really good


  6. @mia I feel like the protest are effective to a certain extent. They dont change everything but at least its platform were voices can be heard.


  7. First of all I absolutely love the poster, I think it really captures the essence of the protests and second I thought all of your ideas were really fantastic.


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