Stand Your Ground America

O Spikes 1-21-2015

Artists’ Statement

By: Pasang Lama, Raymond Lankford, Ocean Spikes, Sam Wilkins

Stand your ground law was first passed on 2005 by Florida and since then 22 states have adopted their own versions of the law. The stand your ground law gives an individual the lawful right to use any level of force, including lethal, if they believe they face an immediate threat of serious bodily harm or death.

There have been many controversy around the law including the case of George Zimmerman who shot and killed an unarmed African american teenager, Trayvon Martin on February 16, 2012, in Sanford, Florida. Zimmerman was later found innocent and dropped of all charges under Florida’s stand your ground law. The Juries decision on the case had a huge impact on the citizens of this country as people took to the streets and started protesting saying that there was a bias in the justice system.

The three narratives that we are exploring include: Stand Your Ground Increase Racial Tension, Stand Your Ground Encourages Vigilantism, and Do ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws Increase Gun Violence?.

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19 thoughts on “Stand Your Ground America

  1. Extremely clever poster. I would’ve never thought to choose that and I’m so impressed. It’s really hilarious truly. I also had no idea the stand your ground law was passed in 2005. Crazy


  2. I think that George Zimmerman did not have the right to use stand your ground because he should not have followed him in the first place


  3. I feel like if the stand your ground law was refined, it might be acceptable. If you legitimately think you’re in danger, and the other person has a WEAPON or is THREATENING you, then it’s acceptable to defend yourself. Following someone and then claiming you felt threatened though? That doesn’t hold up.


  4. I definitely agree with you Mia, people should’t be fallow just because of the way they look, or their skin color! We should all have the right to walk into a place without being fallow! Especially happening to be dead because of that! It’s very sad having to see that, justice is very important in this case!!!


  5. I enjoyed this topic, and the poster looks great. But something that was brought to my attention was in court Zimmerman never said he was using the “stand your ground” law to follow and kill Trayvon Martin


  6. The stand your ground law could be a good law but it is used as a defense in a lot of cases where it doesn’t work as an argument. Also, cool poster


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