The Great Stem Cell Debate


Artists’ Statement

By Siedah Morrish, Ryo Miller, Taijaa Davis, Matthew Wiemels

Stem cell research is one of the most talked about treatments within not only the scientific, but medical community today. The debate over stem cells and the treatment that transplants can and will provide has spanned far and wide, with more and more people voicing their opinions at every turn.  The nature of the treatment, and the source of which stem cells are derived, specifically embryonic stem cells, have sparked outrage and thus spurred a controversy. The opposition is primarily based on the ethical nature of stem cell transplants, tracing it’s roots back to religion, while those in favor of it have only the thought of scientific evolution and the possibility of saving millions of lives in mind.

Our investigation explores the following narratives:

Our annotated works cited can be found here.


19 thoughts on “The Great Stem Cell Debate

  1. The poster articulates the subject very well, and is funny. Each narrative is thoroughly researched and has a lot of information


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