About Our Project

Berkeley High School’s Arts & Humanities Academy Senior Interdisciplinary Project for the fall semester aims to explore a variety of socio-political issues and the multiple narratives around these topics , with particular attention to how these narratives are developed, articulated, and perpetuated through mass media – and why.

Working in groups of four, students were responsible for first selecting a topic. This did not have to be an issue with a clear pro and con, rather students were encouraged to consider topics that seemed to generate completely distinct interpretations based on audience or intention. Additionally, students endeavored to present the narratives outside of the traditional persuasive writing, or structured argument writing (Toulmin), and act more as reporters sharing the varying viewpoints of different populations.

The topics selected for 2015 were:
Prison Reform: America Behind Bars
Gun Control: Guns Under Fire
Stem Cell Research: The Great Stem Cell Debate
Stand Your Ground Laws: Stand Your Ground America
The Drone Debate: The Skies Have Eyes
 Working together the students were responsible for investigating the various narratives around their selected subjects. From this the students compiled their written investigative reports on this blog. The written reports are based on traditional research as well as incorporating public opinion, demographic data and statistics, and both social and mass media, to present a multifaceted view of their research topics. Each narrative also incorporates graphic representations of data and a variety of media showcasing the findings. In addition to their investigative reports each group was responsible for digitally remastering a movie poster to satirically communicate one of the narratives around their topic that they discovered through their research.
What follows is the work they produced.
January 2015

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